Maliza 2 Seater Dark Grey Sofa

Refrain from using corrosive cleaners on the item during cleaning. Ensure to wipe the item dry with a clean cloth if it becomes damp or wet. Keep the item away from high humidity, high heat, and flames. Do not attempt to move the furniture when objects are placed on it. This item is intended for indoor use only.


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    W150 x D78 x H73cm
    Sofa seat width 130cm
    Sofa leg height 5cm

    Trendy Dark Grey

    Sits 2-3 People

    Velvet Fabric (100% Polyester)
    Foam and Polyester fiber
    Rubber Wood

    Care Tips
    Avoid corrosive cleaners when cleaning product
    Keep away from areas of high humidity, high heat and flames
    Do not move the furniture when there are objects on it
    Suitable for indoor use only

    Also available in 3 seater